Streaming Magic

I’ve been to Iceland many times over the years, but I only managed to see the Aurora Borealis during my last visit. I was fortunate to catch the magical lights four nights in a row thanks to the owner of my rented apartment who actually texted me every time that the lights were visible in the Reykjavik area. Now it’s possible to see the Aurora from the comfort and warmth of your own home thanks to the Live Aurora Network . The Aurora Cam Iceland offers a livestream of the northern lights, allowing anyone in the world to tune into the stream and view the natural wonder.

The Live Aurora Network has five camera locations in Iceland: Ulfljotsvatn, Hvolsvollur, Falkahreidur, Borgarnes, and Kirkjufell, with more coming soon. Brothers Steven and Tony Collins founded the Live Aurora network in 2018 after devoting countless hours searching for the northern lights. Driven to find a better way to spot the Aurora on those cold Icelandic nights, the pair developed the Live Aurora Network app, which allows users to be notified when the aurora is visible. It is the only true ‘real-time’ video alert app as well as the only app to be linked to full HD live cameras.  Check out the livestream here and download the app here.


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