Cool Beans

Under a range of glacier capped volcanic mountains, and fronted by dramatic black sand beaches, little Vik is a must visit destination on Iceland’s stunning south coast. The village’s newest attraction combines two of my favorite things—a micro-roastery and a little free library.

The Skool Beans Café is incongruously housed in a retrofitted yellow American school bus. Proprietor Holly Keyser was looking for a truck to convert for her coffeeshop on wheels when she stumbled on the big yellow bus and it was kismet. After two years of hard work and sweat equity, Keyser flipped the script on the now iconic food truck model  and created a version that brings the customer inside.

To complete the Nordic hygge vibe, Skool Beans has a cozy wood stove and Jeffrey the café cat who greets every customer. Coffee aficianados will appreciate the lovingly roasted micro-lot, fair trade beans fresh from Keyser’s Allio Bullet roaster. And travelers looking to trade books or pick-up a free read will love the little free library.





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