After Walter Crane

One of the many joys of publishing Travel Between The Pages has been the opportunity to connect with so many followers over the years and to be continually educated by them. A few days back, I posted some interesting historic bookplates that included one with the quote “nach Walter Crane” or after Walter Crane. While I paid little attention to that inscription, perspicacious reader Elaine B. from Ontario noted the significance and sent me a link to the 1882 book Household Stories From The Collection of The Bros. GRIMM: Translated by Lucy Crane and Illustrated by Walter Crane. She also pointed out that in her humble opinion Walter Crane was the finest British book illustrator of the late 19th century.


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3 Responses to After Walter Crane

  1. In case you haven’t seen it, the nursery in the Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT has fabulous Walter Crane wallpaper of the children’s song, “The Frog He Would a Wooing Go.” It’s one of my favorite things in a monumentally special house.

    • I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never been to the Mark Twain House. Maybe next time that I’m on the way to Maine.

      • I’m totally biased, but it’s not to be missed. I fell in love with the house as a kid, worked there in high school and college when the first major restoration was wrapping up. I ended up working in related fields. It’s just a magical place. Go when you can and enjoy!

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