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4 Responses to Biblio-archeology

  1. Carol says:

    Only need a few more and you can solidly wedge them between floor and ceiling. ๐Ÿ™‚ I take heart in something I heard from Umberto Eco. He apparently had over 30,000 books and didn’t come close to reading them all before he died. I don’t recall the exact quote but he felt that having taken time to consider each one, at some point in his life, and having the possibility of one day reading them, had important value.

    • At one point I had more than 20,000 books. Most were for sale and resided in a storage facility, but I usually have at least 1,000 at home. Sadly, I’ve been selling off both my store stock and personal library over the last two years in anticipation of ending my bookselling career.

      • Carol says:

        Wow! That’s an impressive total. I really miss all the bookstores and informal sidewalk booksellers that used to pepper my home town. I hope you find a way to carry on some part of your former bookseller self.

  2. That cartoon is describing the pile of books by my bed!

    We have about 4,000 books, and are the talk of local Real estate agents whenever we move house — “those strange folks with all those books!”

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