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When I visit Reykjavik, Iceland, I often walk by the main municipal library on my way to my favorite little ramen joint just up the street, but I’ve never been inside. So, I was intrigued by this wonderful short documentary about the library and its staff. The charming film was made by Jiaqian Chen on the day the facility re-opened after a Covid-19 lockdown. The interviews are in English with some Chinese narration.


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  1. I was able to visualize that walk. Sun shining, a little breezy, and in a few steps, I was there. Thank you for the travels in my mind.

    • Surprisingly, Iceland was the first European country that I ever visited and Reykjavik the first capital. That was more than 40 years ago and I keep going back. Sadly, the city has transformed from a small town to a bustling, metropolis over the years. When I first visited, there were no tourist shops, only about three hotels, a handful of restaurants, and no bars. I still have a lopapeysa that I bought from a basket on someone’s doorstep in Reykjavik.

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