Stop Dreaming About New Zealand

Those of you who stop by TBTP on a regular basis know that I am inordinately interested in clever travel and tourism promotional campaigns. So of course I fell for this new video from Tourism New Zealand (below). While New Zealand and Australia wisely closed themselves off from the rest of the world, back in April they announced plans for a ‘Trans-Tasman bubble’ between the two countries. The very amusing new campaign is designed to encourage Australians who have been dreaming of traveling to New Zealand.

‘Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go’ stars ‘an Australian friend’ longing to visit New Zealand as he slumbers. Unexpectedly, a  Kiwi dream buddy shows up, who gently whispers ‘Kia Ora’ (a Maori greeting) to ‘wake up’ the dreamer, before they embark on a dream trip to New Zealand.

Zooming around a variety of popular tourist destinations the traveler is transported on a dream holiday. Granted a ‘dream beard’, the sleeper sits and eats fresh crayfish in a room full of versions of himself alongside New Zealander Di, who is with another Australian on their crayfish dream.

Suddenly the dreamer is pedaling through vineyards, before speedboating through a spectacular landscape that turns out to be a hot tub that the men relax in, placed next to a giant ‘dream kiwi’.

“‘Stop Dreaming about New Zealand and Go’ aims to spark the emotional longing in Australians to experience a unique and meaningful New Zealand holiday,” explains Declan Malone, marketing lead for Australia for Tourism New Zealand.

“We know travelling overseas is one of the most missed activities for Australians, who previously made up 40% of international arrivals to New Zealand. We wanted to remind our friends over in Australia that New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes, wide-open spaces and welcoming people are only a short flight away.”

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3 Responses to Stop Dreaming About New Zealand

  1. restlessjo says:

    The star of the video reminds me of my son’s best mate 🙂 🙂 I’d love to go too, but it’s an impossible dream for me.

    • I spent November 2019 in NZ and can’t wait to go back. It’s a 20 hour flight from here, but worth the cost and effort. Travel in NZ is pricey, but we hoarded miles & points to cover half of the hotel nights. They also have wonderful old school family run motels that are not expensive.

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