What Party

Street artists have come a long way from guerilla art bombers to darlings of the auction houses. These days it’s not unusual for a one-time “vandal” to get an impressive one-person exhibition at a prestigious museum. Currently, the hot show in New York City is KAWS: WHAT PARTY at the world-class Brooklyn Museum.

Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based artist KAWS ( AKA Brian Donnelly) has managed bridged the worlds of art, popular culture, and commerce for more than two decades. His instantly recognizable work melds pop culture and big money art while simultaneously critiquing both worlds. KAWS: WHAT PARTY is a wide-ranging survey featuring more than one hundred of his works, such as rarely seen graffiti drawings and notebooks, paintings and sculptures, smaller collectibles, furniture, and monumental installations of his popular COMPANION figures. It also features new pieces made uniquely for the exhibition along with his early-career altered advertisements.

Even if you don’t know who KAWS is, it’s likely that you’ve seen collectible figures of his cartoon-like characters or installations of his large-scale figures in cities around the world. The show runs through September 2021, but if you can’t be in Brooklyn, check-out the short video above.


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