all the trains are gone

The illustration above, appeared in The Fatal Lozenge which was Edward Gorey’s first published “alphabet book”. In the book series, each letter of the alphabet is represented by a character which appears in a four line poem and each poem is  accompanied by a single illustration. Other than being in alphabetical order, the individual poems do not relate to each other, but instead each page turn reveals a new character who is caught up in some sordid activity or misfortune.

The first edition of The Fatal Lozenge was published as a small paperback volume with $1.25 printed on the cover. On the second printing of  book the price was increased to to $1.75, but otherwise the edition are identical.

In 1961, an edition of The Fatal Lozenge was published in London under the Constable imprint. For the British first edition, the title was changed to The Gorey Alphabet and new cover art was created. The British first was issued as cloth hard cover book with no dust jacket and has intense pink covers.



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3 Responses to all the trains are gone

  1. I love these – I’ll have to get my hands on a copy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ruth Gardner says:

    Well, being a Gorey fan, I thought I’d buy myself a copy! What a shock when I checked Amazon….OMG! I realize it’s probably out of print, but $375??? The cheapest used copy is $74!

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