So this is a new kind of book burning

I recently read a story about a novel type of book burning. It seems that British author Jeanette Winterson was extremely disappointed in new editions of her novels that were published with cover art and blurbs that she found highly offensive. To emphasize her distaste, Winterson torched a pile of the books and posted a photo on Twitter with this tweet:

Absolutely hated the cosy little domestic blurbs on my new covers. Turned me into wimmins fiction of the worst kind! Nothing playful or strange or the ahead of time stuff that’s in there. So I set them on fire

Re the Burning of the Books, I would just add that I have never burned anyone else’s books; not even awful ones sent in the post. And to those worried about my contribution to global warming , I have solar panels, air source heating, I live in a wood, and cycle to the Co-op!

What confuses me is the apparent lack of consultation between publisher and author. When I was actually having books published back during the previous century, my publisher always ran cover art by me well in advance.



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