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So this is a new kind of book burning

I recently read a story about a novel type of book burning. It seems that British author Jeanette Winterson was extremely disappointed in new editions of her novels that were published with cover art and blurbs that she found highly … Continue reading

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Somethings may be beyond satire

This week’s issue of the New Yorker features a post-modernist satirical short story by the award-winning author George Saunders. “Little St.Don” is told in a series of semi-comic vignettes that aim to capture our living nightmare. I’m a big fan of Saunder’s … Continue reading

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This Is Where We Live

Many thanks to Rick Pell for the link to this captivating short animated film produced by Apt Studio and Asylum Films for the 25th anniversay celebrations of British  4th Estate Publishers. Readers in the U.K. probably know that 4th Estate … Continue reading

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How To Write a Bestseller

Have you been struggling to discover the secrets of writing a bestselling novel ? Want to know how the successful, prize-winning authors do it so very effortlessly ? Here’s one hint: Kill off your characters. Need to know more ? … Continue reading

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