Flamboyant Gothic Meets Street Art

I love it when historical and modern art forms come together, so of course this amazing project caught my attention. To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the groundbreaking for the Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa María de Burgos in Spain the community commissioned the French street artists Louis Boidron and Edouard Egea —aka Monkey Bird —to create a massive mural for the Cathedral.

This is how the pair describe their project:

“Our intention was to offer an effect of complex depth and monumentalism, combining some of the most spectacular references of the temple, such as the main altarpiece, with its many details, the Golden Staircase, or the circular oculus in the center of Santa María façade.

As a symbol of good luck for the community, we have represented in the center the protector of the town, Guardian Angel. This image under the guise of a gray heron is shown as a symbol of light and rebirth, flanked by two other angels whose original models they are in the upper part of the temple. This Cathedral is also unique in Spain in terms of finishes created with sculptures of angels.”



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2 Responses to Flamboyant Gothic Meets Street Art

  1. Wow! It is so great!

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