Reading In Bed Is So Relaxing


I’m not sure why videos and photos of French performance artist Thierry Mandon reading in bed have popped up this week since the event was in 2015. Still, it’s too good not to share. In his project “Inside-Outside”, the fully pajamaed performance artist comfortably reads in bed underneath a picture frame and in front of a nightstand, each of which is mounted onto an exterior stucco wall. This whole scene requires sustaining the illusion of relaxation while simultaneously maintaining perfect balance. This installation took place in Chambéry, France. Check out the marvelous short video below of the performance.

NB: if the video does not appear, please click on the short url at the bottom of your email.




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2 Responses to Reading In Bed Is So Relaxing

  1. Only the French… I am one of them, lol

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