Graphic Lessons on the Twentieth Century

When Dr. Timothy Snyder’s powerful book  On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century was published in 2017, I was a vocal evangelist for the book and its message. Now, the Yale history professor has released an updated and illustrated edition. Designed and illustrated by Nora Krug, the book utilizes historical imagery to emphasize the relationships between political events of the past and present, and to underscore that our future is deeply rooted in our history. “More importantly,” she explains, “this combination of mediums allows me to admit to the fact that we don’t exist in a vacuum, that we can only exist in relationship to the past, that everything we think and feel is thought and felt in reference to it, that our future is deeply rooted in our history, and that we will always be active contributors to shaping how the past is viewed and what our future will look like.”

This graphic history lesson would make an excellent gift for young people grappling with the current political crisis. Get it from your indie bookseller, or from .

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2 Responses to Graphic Lessons on the Twentieth Century

  1. margaret21 says:

    Definitely bookmarked for my Christmas list!

  2. Excellent book, I didn’t know it had come out as graphic novel!

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