Life Lessons From A Bookstore Owner

Ryan Holiday learned some serious life lessons when he decided to open a small town bookshop in rural Texas during a pandemic. A year later, he decided to share his experience in a blog post and a Youtube video (below). Here are a few of his key thoughts, but take a look at his blog and the video if you have ever fantasized about opening a bookstore.

  • Start small.
  • Be patient.
  • Think of it as an experiment.
  • Do it the way only you could do it.
  • Find ways to take risk off the table.
  • Define what success means to you.
  • Question some of the assumptions out there.
  • See adversity as an opportunity to find out what you are capable of.
  • Keep going—behind mountains are more mountains.


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1 Response to Life Lessons From A Bookstore Owner

  1. restlessjo says:

    What a great lad! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him and seeing his passion.

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