Kyiv Forever

With all of the horrendous news coverage from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the brutal devastation of its cities and town it’s easy to forget that just a short time ago it was a normal European nation. The wonderful time-lapse, tiltshift video below captures the vibrant charm of Kyiv last summer. The video was created by Joerg Daiber for Little Big World.

NB: If the video fails to play, please click the short url link at the bottom.

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3 Responses to Kyiv Forever

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    • My maternal Grandmother and her immediate family emigrated from the Kyiv Oblast more than a century ago. Those who stayed were all murdered by Nazis during WW II. Still, I feel an intense connection to the people of Ukraine and their struggles.

  2. margaret21 says:

    I’ve mentioned this post in my own post today. It’s almost unimaginable that far less than a year ago, Ukrainians were going about their day to day lives, just as we are now.

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