Signs of Hope

TheHope Signs initiative was created by Gothenburg Book Fair and advertising agency Nord DDB, and sees authors such as Jojo Moyes, David Lagercrantz, Lauren Groff, and Anthony Doerr sharing their thoughts on global warming for climate crisis demonstration placards.

Printed on the posters are one-liners such as “It ruined first all the other life on the planet, then in a blink it killed itself,” by Lauren Groff, and “It is through hope that we create the world not yet visible but possible,” by Vanessa Nakate.

The posters are free to download and use the for rallies and for various social causes by printing them from the Hope Signs website. To further spread the message, they can also be posted on social media.


Johana Burai, a Swedish graphic designer, helped illustrate the posters to make them look like heat maps to further instill the image of climate change in onlookers’ minds.



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  1. margaret21 says:

    If only posters were enough …

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