Welcome to My Garden

Welcome To My Garden is a wonderful initiative where average folks open up their yards and gardens for free camping. Created in Belgium during the Pandemic, the peer-to-peer scheme is aimed primarily at hikers, bike travelers, and backpackers. People who are interested in sharing their space for up to 48 hours with no charge simply list on the website and then users contact the hosts directly.

Although some sites offer electricity, water, and toilet facilities, the scheme is not meant to provide traditional campsites. Each host can set their own guidelines for guests.

Currently, Welcome To My Garden is available in many European countries, but will hopefully be expanding soon.

I would have definitely jumped on this in my backpacking/tent camping days.

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3 Responses to Welcome to My Garden

  1. fourtytwoweb says:

    this is such a good idea, thank you for sharing, hope you have a lovely day

  2. Shaharee says:

    You can’t offer that kind of thing without making some minimal sanitary provisions: access to a toilet and some water supply. That are the only two things that backpack tourists can’t provide for by themselves.

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