Map of Stories

The Map of Stories is a wonderful interactive map that provides the opportunity to explore tales from throughout Scotland. The site allows visitors to discover the oral storytelling traditions of Scotland and listen to folktales from the ancient land.

The map allows users to browse more than 70 stories by geographic place or by storyteller location. The map also includes controls which allow you to filter the stories shown by language (English, Gaelic or Scots) and by category.

Some arise from Scotland’s indigenous languages—from Gaelic or Scots—and from particular communities, whether those be Scottish traveller communities, or those amongst the many islands of Shetland. Others, equally rich and provocative, come from the growing number of migrant and mixed-heritage traditions—from Iran, India, Kenya, Ireland, Wales—that comprise Scotland as a complex 21st nation.

“The stories found on the map come in many forms. Many of the stories emerge from indigenous  communities, traveller communities and from the Shetland Islands. Others come from Scotland’s migrant communities, from countries as far away as India and Iran. However, no matter their origin, all the stories can be listened to simply by clicking on its marker on the map.”


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1 Response to Map of Stories

  1. margaret21 says:

    What a marvellous resource! I’ll explore this over the coming weeks- thank you.

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