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The Perfect Flight

The travel search engine Skyscanner.net surveyed 2,000 travelers regarding their flying preferences and then commissioned mathematician Eugenia Cheng from the University of Sheffield to create the formula for the perfect flight.

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Just Plane Revolting

What type of airplane passenger are you? I’d like to think that I’m considerate and patient, but that’s becoming more and more difficult with the crowded conditions and appalling behavior of other travelers. A recently released study commissioned by the … Continue reading

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Flight Etiquette

U.S. airline JetBlue aims to inspire a conversation with air travelers on their universal complaints about flight companions with a new series of videos called “Flight Etiquette”. The first of the light-hearted shorts looks at the rude seating companion. Don’t … Continue reading

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The Unfriendly Skies

The Cooper Review, a very funny satirical blog edited by writer/comedian Sarah Cooper, recently posted this funny but true airplane seating chart. Although she’s chosen to specifically skewer Delta, it sure applies to every air carrier that I’ve flown in … Continue reading

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Holiday Travel Guide

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Are You Flying Blah Airlines

Full disclosure: I did not watch the entire video below. I doubt that you will either—damn, it’s nearly six hours long. But Virgin America’s new video, titled “Have You Been Flying BLAH Airlines”, is both hilarious and excruciating. The questionable … Continue reading

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Thumbing A Ride

Alaska Airlines is developing a system which will allow passengers to use fingerprint scans to replace paper documents and identification. The first step in the project, which has already been tested in Seattle, is using print readers to replace boarding passes … Continue reading

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Airport Art (Part II)

New York -based graphic artist Lauren O’Neil has discovered a novel way to turn the banality of airport design into art. Aggregating Google Maps images of airports from around the world on her blog Holding Patterns, O’Neil helps to make … Continue reading

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Airport Art

If you’ve flown anywhere recently, it may be difficult to consider an airport as a work of art, but designers Ryan and Heidi at 08 Left have somehow managed to capture the elegance of airport design. You can see more … Continue reading

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How To Beat Jet Lag

Over the years, I’ve tried just about every reasonable suggestion (plus some farfetched ideas) on how to beat jet lag with little success. Maybe the tips on this infographic from the British travel experts Thomas Cook could help?

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