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Tom Hanks Built You An App

Tom Hanks—yes that Tom Hanks—is well known for his enduring affection for the humble typewriter. Now he has gone and created an iPad app called Hanx Writer that resuscitates the old school manual typewriter experience. The free app provides the … Continue reading

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Apple Tours

If you are a genuine Apple fanatic, Cheaptickets.com’s self-directed Pilgrimage tour will allow you to follow in the footsteps of the late Steve Jobs. The full-on Apple Tour offers a scenic and historic route around California starting in San Francisco … Continue reading

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Not All Who Wander

The yet-to-be launched travel website Wander asked illustrators to imagine a postcard “from everywhere and nowhere at once”. Then Wander posted the results of the “Wander Postcard Project” on a dedicated tumblr. The terrific typographic postcards are also available for … Continue reading

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iTypewriter for the Nostalgic

Austin Yang is an Edinburgh-based product and industrial designer with a sardonic sense of humor and a gift for shrewd technological mashups. His neat iTypewriter allows users to enjoy the old-time feel of typing on a traditional machine while reaping … Continue reading

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What’s Your Perfect Plane

What’s your ultimate version of the perfect airplane ? The British travel search site skyscanner recently surveyed 1,000 travelers and came up with an interesting Top Ten list that has a few surprises and some glaring deficiencies. In my humble … Continue reading

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I Kidd You Not

If you’re a fan of TED and of book design, then you will love cover designer Chip Kidd’s terrific video . The talk just posted online, underscores the importance of print in the digital age: “Much is to be gained by … Continue reading

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