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Italian Old Style

Frederic Goudy’s Italian Old Style typeface as published in the Lanston Monotype Machine Company’s Italian Old Style, A New Type by Frederic W. Goudy, designed by the eminent American typographer and type and book designer Bruce Rogers and printed in Mount Vernon, N.Y., in a second edition … Continue reading

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Five Oceans in a Teaspoon

Five Oceans in a Teaspoon is a collaboration between artist/writer Warren Lehrer and poet/investigative journalist Dennis J Bernstein (Paper Crown Press, 2019) that reunites the oral and pictorial traditions of storytelling with the printed page.  

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How to tell your tittle from your swash

Most of us happily read text each day giving little thought to the complex anatomy of the typography on the page or screen. The excellent infographic below created by Micah Bowers will help to demystify the intricacies of letter and … Continue reading

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Lire Les Signes

When we visit Paris, most of us are captivated by the grand monuments, amazing architecture and fantastic museums. But some of us can’t walk a block without stopping to gawk at the beautiful signage. It’s not necessary to be a … Continue reading

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Times New Roman

If you have little interest in typography, then you can safely skip this engaging film about the world’s most popular typeface. But if you pay attention to what you see on the printed page (or on your screens) then this … Continue reading

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Creepy, Crawly Indeed

London-based book cover designer Jamie Keenan has created a terrific cover for a new paperback edition of Franz Kafka’s 1915 novella Metamorphosis. This version, based on a completely new translation by Susan Berofsky, has just been released by W W … Continue reading

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Mostly Harmless

On March 11th sci-fi fans around the world celebrated the life and work of author Douglas Adams. Two years ago, British graphic designer and typographer Andrew Lee designed an entirely new set of book covers for five of Adams’ most … Continue reading

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Why Garamond Light

We see nearly 500,000 words in print every day—and that’s just on websites. Do we pay any attention to the typefaces website designers choose? Don’t know a Dunbar from a Lucida? Ever wonder why Garamond Light is suddenly everywhere? Well … Continue reading

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Isle of Knowledge

Isle of Knowledge is a fantastic illustrated map created by the extraordinary typographer, designer, illustrator and writer Marian Bantjes for the British magazine and website Varoom . Bantjes’ beautiful map was made especially for Varoom’s themed issue “Knowledge”. It lovingly … Continue reading

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Typography for Travelers

Axis Maps has announced the release of their mapping/art project “Typographic Maps”. These unique maps use nothing but type to depict roads, highways, neighborhoods, parks and physical features of cities like Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and New York. They manually weave … Continue reading

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