Paris Is Getting Scary This Summer

Located in the heart of Paris, Le Manoir de Paris is the city’s newest tourist attraction. Created by Belgian Adil Houti, this haunted mansion presents an interactive tour through thirteen dark historical legends of Paris.

The frightening vignettes, populated by roaming ghouls and villains, explore the stories of the Paris Catacombs, the Prisoner in the Iron Mask, Crocodiles in the Paris sewer system, the infamous Theatre des Vampires, the Ghost of the Tuileries, the Assassin’s Caberet and seven other scary legends.

Le Manoir de Paris is situated just a short walk from the Gare l’Est at 18 rue de Paradis. The haunted mansion is open Thursday through Sunday and is not recommended for children under 10, although American kids would probably find it tamer than the usual Halloween haunted house.

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