Travel Between the Cups


Travel Between The Pages followers know by now that I suffer from a serious case of O.C.D.—Obsessive Coffee Dependence. Whenever I plan a trip finding the best coffehouses, artisanal roasters and cafes is an uppermost priority. My iPhone and iPad suffer from a glut of coffeeshop finding apps. So I’m a big fan of the London-based independent publisher Blue Cow Media. The firm is building an international reputation with brilliant apps—developed with local experts—and clever maps for locating coffee spots, craft beer brewers, bars and restaurants in London, LA, NYC, San Francisco and Paris.


Now the shrewd bunch has launched a set of coffee-centric maps for NYC, Paris and London. Printed on high quality, recycled paper, the no-frills maps get right to the nitty-gritty with locations for to coffeeshops serving beans from leading artisanal roasters. If you too suffer from Obsessive Coffee Dependence, or you know someone with the disorder, you can order the maps right here.



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