Street Art With Occasional Satellite


The British street artist known as INSA has earned some renown for his brilliant GIF-ITI mural pieces. You can see some of his very cool work below and on his tumblr. But he has upped his game big time with his latest project in Brazil. Literally visible from space, INSA’s gigantic work took a team of helpers, a big vacant parking lot in Rio de Janeiro, four days, gallons of pink and yellow paint, and a pair of Pleiades satellites from Astrium orbiting 430 miles in space.


INSA’s usual process for creating his signature GIG-ITI street art involves painting successive layers, photographing each stage as he goes, and then editing the final images together to create mind-bending GIFs (see below). If you want to explore INSA’s work in real life, you can visit his blog or go ahead and download his personal GIF-ITI Viewer app right here.








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