It’s World Book Day !


I’m certain that all of you bibliophiles know that today is UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day. Readers around the globe are celebrating with all manner of bookish events. My friends in the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) are honoring the occasion with pop-up book fairs and events in dozens of cities around the world. You can find one near you at this website.


Here in the U.S. there will be bookfairs in NYC, Chicago,Seattle, Portland, Washington D.C., and in one of my favorite historic towns, New Castle, Delaware.


Events in Europe will be held in at least a dozen cities. Some of the best events are at atmospheric locales, such as a barge on a canal in Amsterdam, the old Central rail station in Haarlem, at the new Museum of Literature in Vienna, in the ancient Tuscan walled city of Lucca, and at London’s historic Middle Temple Library.


For a list of all of the international events, check out the UNESCO website for an interactive map.



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2 Responses to It’s World Book Day !

  1. Seriously? Did not know that! Awesome!

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