Lifting the lid on censorship


It’s been way to long since we’ve had a look at the always clever shenanigans of my favorite street art collective Luzinterruptus. The anonymous group of Spanish guerilla environmental/political art activists recently turned their attention to the Spanish Government’s new Protection of Public Safety Bill which aims to gag political dissent online and in the streets.


Luzinterruptus’ installation of glowing toilets in Madrid’s Plaza de la Constitucion humorously conveys their message that “the Government don’t give a shit about the Spanish Constitution”. You can see more and read about the protest on the group’s website.






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1 Response to Lifting the lid on censorship

  1. Hana says:

    Very cool. Exactly what I was thinking while reading the article – they are going backwards. We don’t really protest anymore at all… The link to their website is wrong, had to copy and paste their name.

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