Cheesy Literature

I’ve discovered some awfully cheesy literature over the years, but Ben Denzer’s 20 Slices is the most original work. Composed of twenty slices of individually wrapped actual American cheese* pieces and bound in bright yellow covers, the “book” was published in a limited edition of ten copies by Catalog Press. The “author” also runs the publishing company, which has issued such literary classics as $200 In Order, a book of two hundred $1 notes in order of serial number, and Stamp Compositions, 3000 postage stamps without any text. Then there is the iconic work 200 Fortunes a bound book of two hundred actual Chinese restaurant cookie fortunes. If you’re interested, Denzer’s website reveals more about the art book publications.

for readers outside of North America, American cheese is a pseudo-dairy product that has the texture of latex, the taste of rubber, and the nutritional value of cardboard.


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  1. Some people are so clever and this person also has a great sense of humour. I experienced American cheese at a café at Pearl Harbour, where it was liquid and squirted out of a big dispenser onto my hot dog. I never thought I’d ever eat squirty cheese. 🙂

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