Welkom in Amsterdam 1922

Utilizing archival footage from Amsterdam’s EYE Museum and artificial intelligence,  digital artist Denis Shiryaev  created the amazing video below based on early 1920s filming in Amsterdam. The colorized images offer a rare glimpse into the city’s life before it became a tourist theme park for jaded travelers. The ambient soundscape was created for the film by Guy Jones. I was especially happy to see scenes in Haarlemmerdijk, Haarlemmerstraat, and Haarlemmerplein neighborhood, since it was the first place that I stayed in Amsterdam forty years ago.

You can learn more about this film, and other similar projects by Shiryaev by clicking on this link.

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2 Responses to Welkom in Amsterdam 1922

  1. Ruth Forman Gardner says:

    This is wonderful! Thanks, Brian.

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