Book feathers

London-based artist Kate MccGwire is famous for her elaborate feather sculptures that seem to have a life of their own. Her current exhibition titled Discharge pours down like a huge tunnel of water from a 18th century bookcase. Created from approximately 10,000 pigeon feathers, the sculpture stands almost five meters tall and cascades to the carpet in a feathery torrent .

MccGwire sources the feathers ethically from pigeon racers who collect the plumage when the birds molt. She sorts the feathers in her studio, separating the ones that bend right  from those that curve to the left, before arranging them in eye-catching, color-specific patterns.

Discharge has been shown in a variety of configurations in South Korea, Berlin, Paris, and now, Harewood House in West Yorkshire , UK, until October 25th.

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1 Response to Book feathers

  1. CarolineG says:

    Wow, this sculpture is amazing!

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