Halloween Travel Haunts

I have to admit that I was surprised to discover that Larnach Castle in Otago, New Zealand was on a list of 45 haunted travel destinations in a Condé Nast Traveler article on the spine-tingling subject. When I visited the imposing old home last November, it was anything but spooky. If anything, the castle was a charming mash-up of historic and kitschy. On the other hand, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland creeps me out every time I enter the fortress. You can almost here the chains rattling and the eerie 900 year-old castle offers a chilling experience any time of the year. The article makes for spooky reading. I was a bit unnerved to discover how many of these haunted travel destinations that I’ve already visited.


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1 Response to Halloween Travel Haunts

  1. Ruth Forman Gardner says:

    I don’t usually believe in ghosts, but The Colosseum in Rome is definitely haunted. Could barely stay in there for 5 minutes til the panic attack set in!!! Sense of evil events there! Had to get out immediately!

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