Writer’s Room

The 24-Hour Room is a growing community of writers that launched on January 20, 2021.  The 24-Hour Room is a free virtual writers space offering fellowship, structure, solutions, motivation and intellectual sustenance. Author Elizabeth Gaffney created it to offer support, community, virtual companionship, and practical help for writers.

The  completely free 24-Hour Room “is a place writers can come together without masks, whether to write silently in the Studio or talk about books and writing in the Lounge, our our-loud space. It offers fellowship, structure, solutions, motivation, and intellectual sustenance to writers at all levels. You might use it as an accountability group, but there are no external obligations, only opportunities. Show up when you want. Feel free to join gathering in the Lounge and share on the bulletin boards —or not to.”

Even if you are weary of Zoom meet-ups, it’s worth joining for the extensive tools for writers of all levels of experience. The links pages alone are worth checking out. And it’s all free. Click here to explore The 24-Hour Room.




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