Compounding Your Pejoratives

I have recently found myself reaching for both colorful and acceptable pejoratives when commenting on social media sites. This is partly due to the necessity of avoiding Twitter jail, but also to liven the mood. The terrific chart above was created by Colin Morris who noted that a certain form of compound pejoratives—two words such as “buttface”, “shitlord”, “douchebag”—are found in diverse yet formulaic proliferation. According to Morris:

I collected lists of around 70 prefixes and 70 suffixes (collectively, “affixes”) that can be flexibly combined to form insulting compounds, based on a scan of Wiktionary’s English derogatory terms category. The terms covered a wide range of domains, including:

scatology (fart-, poop-)
political epithets (lib-, Trump-)
food (-waffle, -burger)
body parts (butt-, -face, -head, -brains)
gendered epithets (bitch-, -boy)
animals (dog-, -monkey)

So have at it. Treat your favorite social media trolls to some inventive insults.


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