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On Departure

On Departure is a marvelous, minimalist short animated film by Vancouver-based, Irish filmmaker Eoin Duffy that captures the disconcerting, otherworldly feel that seems to pervade airports. After spending too many hours, in too many airports over the past few months, I … Continue reading

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Every Airport Needs One

Singapore’s Changi International Airport has planted an enormous digital “Social Tree” to help entertain and connect flyers. Situated in Terminal 1 Central Piazza, the tree is nine meters tall and eleven meters wide, with sixty-four HD TV monitors and eight … Continue reading

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Up In The Air

New York-based photographer Jeffrey Milstein recently showed a captivating series of aerial photos of American airports. Most of us rarely get more than a fleeting glimpse during take-off or landing. Milstein’s photos provide an opportunity to see airports in a … Continue reading

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Stupid Marketing Tricks

Over the past year or so, airlines such as KLM and British Airways have mined social media sites to find information about travelers and then surprise unsuspecting folks with rewards and gifts at the airport. Now, the cosmetics brand Nivea … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Visit Vienna

Passangers passing through the international airport in Vienna, Austria now encounter an amazing art installation at Check-in Area 3. Stradding the corridor to the security checkpoint a towering wall of video monitors forms the ZeitRaum/Textscape. As travelers approach the wall, … Continue reading

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