You won’t find any of these marvelous one-of-a-kind maps in your typical travel guidebook, but they make exceedingly clever ways to interact with geographic places. Some of the very talented creators of these diverse and idiosyncratic maps are professional illustrators and artists, while others are passionate amateurs. But they all share a mad love for maps and for travel. Check-out their websites to see more of these amazing works of art.

Andrea Sipi

Amineh Moghadas

Julia Bolchakova

Gaby Florez-Estrada

Madzia Bryll

Supriya Ramlu

Silvia Sponza

Svetlana Ermakova

Tini Malitius

Jessica Pollack

Isabella Costerman

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5 Responses to Mapmania

  1. They’re beautiful!
    can I press this post, with a link to you ofcourse?

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