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Undiscovered Territory

In 2013, we followed artist and filmmaker Doug Aiken’s transcontinental traveling light/art/music show as it made its way from New York City to San Francisco. Aiken’s train-based, 24 day nomadic art show included participation by artists as diverse as Ed … Continue reading

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Not Obsessed With WiFi

You may have heard about New York’s plan to create a city-wide free public wifi network based on freestanding kiosks. Well, yesterday the roll-out of the project began . The initial four units—on 3rd Avenue between 15th and 19th streets—from … Continue reading

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In Flight

Brooklyn-based artist Juan Fontanive creates extraordinary automated flipbooks, which illuminate the flight of brightly colored birds and butterflies. The steel framed “books” contain gorgeous screen printed images on paper.

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Airport WiFi Simplified

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself getting annoyed whenever I try and log-on to airport wifi networks. For mysterious reasons, these networks seem to turn the process of accessing wifi into a torturous process. Now, there’s a … Continue reading

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Travel The World Underground

The New York City-based collective ArtCodeData has created a marvelous mash-up map covering 214 international metro/subway systems. The fanciful map represents 791 real lines, 11,924 stations, 214 urban centers, on 5 continents all connected in a single map. The project … Continue reading

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Whiskey War

Since 1933, Canada and Denmark have been waging a quiet cold war over a desolate island in the far Arctic—really. The grim, barren 1.2 square kilometer rock has no apparent resources or value. But Hans Island is situated smack in … Continue reading

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Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Sometimes Paris can seem like one enormous movie set. Apparences is a beautiful, if somewhat surreal, video experiment directed by French duo Clarice et Maxine,who morphed iconic attractions and street scenes into a massive Potemkin Village.

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Vice Travels Well

Last month, VICE released the inaugural episode in its new series of Vice City Guides videos. The first episode focuses on Brooklyn, New York (of course), with shows to follow soon on Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, … Continue reading

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Cartographic Illusions

“Civilized Landscapes” is an amazing series of paper sculptures by Beijing-based artist/photographer/printmaker Ji Zhou. He recycles old books and maps by hand-sculpting imaginary topographic landscapes.

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Welcome to Britain

Everyone’s favorite Brit Stephen Fry is starring in a just released little “welcome to the U.K.” video created by London’s Heathrow Airport. The short film is calculated to introduce foreign visitors to some of the quirks of British culture. Appropriately filmed inside … Continue reading

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