A Book Is An Altar

The Portable Mayan Altar  was created by Taller Leñateros (The Woodlander’s Workshop), an indigenous publishing house in Chiapas, Mexico founded by poet Ámbar Past in 1975. This book features a cardboard case in the form a traditional Mayan house that opens up to an altar with two side panels. It also includes a clay pot-shaped incense burner, tiny colored candles, two clay candle holders in the form of animals, and three small pocket books illustrated by Mayan artists: Mayan Love Charms (Petra Hernández), Magic for a Long Life (Manwela Kokoroch), and Hex to Kill the Unfaithful Man (Tonik Nibak).

The workshop has published some of the first books to be written, illustrated, printed, and bound by Mayan people in four centuries. The collective rescues Mesoamerican techniques, while documenting and preserving indigenous languages and cultures.

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