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One Night of Awesome

Last month, street artist Sofles created an incredible project called “Graffiti Mapping” for the Melbourne White Night Festival. Using a combination of 3D video mapping, traditional street mural art techniques and graffiti, he explored the intersection of art and digital … Continue reading

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Animal Farm is still banned in Cuba

It seems that as long as there have been books governments have been banning them. This infographic from printerinks.co.uk takes the long view on book banning throughout history. via http://www.printerinks.com

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Time and Again

Between 2012 and 2014, photographer Kien Lam traveled 80,000 miles through 15 countries snapping thousands of photos along the way. When he returned home, he turned them into this joyous, frenetic, amped-up time-lapse video called “Time and Again”. You can … Continue reading

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Chocolate Joy Generator

We’ve posted stories on pop-up vending machines that offered free coffee in airports, free beer, free sodas and even free chocolate. Now the Australian branch of the Cadbury candy company has rolled-out the “Joy Generator”, a vending installation that dispenses … Continue reading

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Travel Is More Than Seeing Sights

To celebrate their 25th anniversary in the travel biz, Australia’s Intrepid Travel commissioned a moving film titled “Travel Is More Than The Seeing of Sights”. The wonderful little video was filmed over the course of 1 ½ years in 12 different … Continue reading

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Industrial Chic

During the past six weeks I’ve managed to stay in six different hotels, in five countries, on two continents. So, I’m feeling like a bit of an expert on hotel design and amenities. That’s why I took particular notice of … Continue reading

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Not An April Fool Joke

Mailbooks For Good is a wonderful new project from Australia that deserves worldwide replication. Utilizing specially designed book jackets, book buyers can share their books by simply turning the covers inside out and mailing the pre-paid, pre-addressed packages to a … Continue reading

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It’s a Small World After All

Melbourne Australia-based photographer Ben Thomas has been official dubbed Cityshrinker™ , in fact he has trademarked the title. Thomas earned the sobriquet after circumnavigating the globe to apply his personal take on tilt-shift photography to renowned cities and popular locations. His … Continue reading

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Free is the way to travel

Rental car and camper companies need to move their vehicles between branches all of the time. In the U.S. we call them driveaway cars, but in Australia and New Zealand they call them relocation vehicles. The guest post below is … Continue reading

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